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Title: The Art of Change

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Keywords:business, non-profit, moonshots, politics

Description:A conversation with people making change. We dig into the work they're doing, the story behind it all, and uncover the mindset that drove them. New episodes every Tuesday and Friday.
... we discuss her story and the ways she turned ideas into action We get into some social issues as well 30 May 2014 How to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities AOC 36 Jenny Leonard runs Nevernorth online It s a community of designers focused on creating a business built around meaning and purpose Jenny digs into what kept her going through insane challenges how her mindset around challenge helps her and how she coordinates with her team to inspire great work 27 May 2014 Grossed Out by Bugs Here s Why You Need to Change AOC 35 Vanessa works with Bug Life an integral player reversing the extinction of thousands of invertebrates 20 May 2014 Getting Creative After Getting Fired AOC 34 Saya Hillman created Mac n Cheese Productions after being fired from her job She shares an inspiring journey of change During our chat Saya describes feeling isolated for being different through her adolescent life Saya remembers how college turned all of that around when she started embracing how different she was 16 May 2014 Developing More Integrity AOC 33 Christie Nordhielm developed a new approach to marketing called the Big Picture Framework If you ve ever wondered how game changing frameworks get developed listen in today s interview is also for anyone looking to develop more integrity in their lives 13 May 2014 Humanizing Homelessness AOC 32 Erika Barazza and Heather Warnken both joined up with Kevin and Adam to create Homeless GoPro The team gives a donated GoPro camera to a homeless individual in this case their Creative Director Adam to record what it s like to live as a homeless person Adam wears the GoPro in a few recorded clips giving the viewer insight into hsi experience 9 May 2014 The Daily Life of a Creative Force...

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