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  • su c else cat 2 2 Warning installing experimental packages from OBS these packages are NOT supported by SUSE set x zypper n ar f obs Virtualization containers SLE 12 Virtualization containers rpm import repository key 55A0B34D49501BB7CA474F5AA193FBB572174FC2 else Add the containers module Note well 1 the SLE machine must already be registered against SUSE Customer Center Note well 2 the r is required to workaround a known issue of SUSEConnect set x SUSEConnect p sle module containers 12 x86 64 r fi set x zypper n install docker echo docker as nonroot exit 0 ubuntu debian export DEBIAN FRONTEND noninteractive did apt get update apt get update if z did apt get update then set x sh c sleep 3 apt get update did apt get update 1 fi aufs is preferred over devicemapper try to ensure the driver is available if grep q aufs proc filesystems sh c modprobe aufs then if uname r grep q generic dpkg l linux image generic grep q ii 2 dev null then kern extras linux image extra uname r linux image extra virtual apt get update set x sh c sleep 3 apt get install y q kern extras true if grep q aufs proc filesystems sh c modprobe aufs then echo 2 Warning tried to install kern extras for AUFS echo 2 but we still have no AUFS Docker may not work Proceeding anyways set x sleep 10 fi else echo 2 Warning current kernel is not supported by the linux image extra virtual echo 2 package We have no AUFS support Consider installing the packages echo 2 linux image virtual kernel and linux image extra virtual for AUFS support set x sleep 10 fi fi install apparmor utils if they re missing and apparmor is enabled in the kernel otherwise

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