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Title: ✧▐░ ❛ MAGICAL GIRL ❜

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... A NICE PIC OF THE GANG omg im so ugly hellaa pink april fools bitch you thought 1 day ago 65 300 notes REBLOG VIA hellaa pink ORIGIN hellaa pink MAGICAL GIRL MUSINGS Title Daftendirekt Artist Daft Punk 1 day ago 47 notes REBLOG VIA xkaixone ORIGIN xkaixone OLDIE BUT A GOODIE RULES if you d like to know the source of any of my icons just send me an ask BASICS This is a private and selective roleplay blog for Gum from the Jet Set Radio franchise I will only roleplay with mutuals This is for the sake of my own well being as I don t want to take on more than I can handle or force myself into interactions with characters I know little about I roleplay in most styles I have a preference for novella multpara roleplays GENERAL No godmodding No infomodding If you do this I will ask for it to stop If it continues I will likely drop threads and eventually unfollow Mun is of age and nsfw themes sexual or not may be present and will be tagged and placed under a readmore if necessary I have my limits but I am willing to roleplay darker themes with prior ooc discussion This blog is multiship Each ship takes place within its own verse and should not be counted as cheating unless such a situation has been discussed beforehand FOLLOWING UNFOLLOWING I do not follow everyone back Please don t take this personally If a blog posts too much ooc doesn t trim posts or simply isn t a character I think I can work with I won t follow Refrain from trying to interact ic with me if we aren t mutuals since I will likely ignore it Ask Headcanon memes are fine however Reasons I may unfollow Untrimmed posts like excessively long posts Untagged rape rape mentions child abuse animal abuse Bigotry rude behaviour Excessive inactivity without note of a hiatus People constantly breaking my rules OOC hi call me mai i m 18 from the uk GMT 00 00 and a cis girl she her pronouns i m a college student and i work at weekends and i also have ADD so i m pretty slow and my activity is inconsistent please be patient with me the song girls just wanna have fun is actually about me mutuals can ask for my skype Please send me HEY YOU if you have read and understood my rules If you re too anxious to I completely understand but it would be appreciated ABOUT Based on JSR and JSRF canon but slightly AU Active since March 2016 INFO Name Ginko Ara Alias Gum Nationality Japanese Species Human Age Verse dependent 17 in JSR in her 20s in JSRF Date of Birth June 29th Height 5 4 Star Sign Cancer Relationship Status Verse dependent Gum is a headstrong young woman and a free spirit She was the first female to join the GG s one...

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