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... content in Anchor I Suggest You This is right below Submit ideas to Anchor and allow others to upvote it It s a great way to get a movement going Feel free to upvote ideas you also really like You can also send us a message by clicking the Contact us button look to the right or reach us on Twitter or Facebook For legalese check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service I suggest you Top ideas from the community 68 ideas Anchor for Android started 54 people want this 19 comments Enable private waves under review 50 people want this 13 comments Public profile page under review 26 people want this 4 comments Post a new idea Recently updated ideas Reduce App storage on phone completed Updated 04 10 16 Retain a History and allow creation of Favorites of specific waves visited so you can revisit them planned Updated 04 10 16 Anchor for Android started Updated 04 11 16 Knowledge Base Anchor ProTips AnchorTip Record w out Holding Down Button AnchorTip Create or Edit Captions AnchorTip Tweet from Multiple Twitter Accounts AnchorTip Scrolling Through Convos Fast Essentials Anchor 101 Best Ways to Use Anchor Community Guidelines FAQs How to Hashtag It Up How to Get Waves Featured How to Find People to Follow How to Get Followers and Replies How to Embed Waves on the Web 9 articles Known Issues Getting stuck in onboarding with an iPod Editing profile can cause audio avatar to disappear Bluetooth can interfere with recording on iPads Signing in on a second device logs user out of the first one All articles AnchorTip Record w out Holding Down Button How to Hashtag It Up Getting stuck in onboarding with an iPod Replies from before you joined a conversation show up in...

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